The difference between oral hormones and transdermal hormones involves the route of absorption. Oral hormones are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and metabolized in the liver. Transdermal hormones, however, are directly absorbed into the blood stream. Therefore the difference between the two routes may account for some difference in gastrointestinal symptoms. Additionally, for people with elevated triglyceride levels, transdermal hormones have been found to be beneficial.

To date, hormone replacement therapy has not been linked to weight loss or weight gain. There is also no evidence to suggest hair loss or acne are related to the low levels of hormones supplied by hormone replacement therapy. The progesterone component of hormone replacement therapy has been associated with bloating. However, it is not safe to take estrogen without progesterone unless you have had a hysterectomy. Sometimes changing the type of progesterone used can be of benefit.

It is unlikely that changing from oral to transdermal hormone replacement therapy will improve all of your symptoms.